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Behavioral Expectations


School-wide Behavioral Expectations

Demonstration of Expectations

We will respect…

  • The property of the school and of others
  • Every person on campus
  • The beliefs, ideas, lifestyles, and opinions of others

We will be responsible by…

  • Being on time to every class
  • Attending school every day
  • Completing homework
  • Attending tutoring when we fail or are in danger of failing (55%)
  • Acknowledging personal misconduct and making amends


We will be ready to learn by…

  • Having all materials needed for class
  • Completing all in-class and out of class assignments
  • Studying at home


We will be caring individuals by…

  • Tutoring our peers
  • Helping others in need
  • Always considering the personal safety of others


The Bulldog Code of Conduct

Unacceptable student behavior will include, but not be limited to:

·   Tagging

·   Chewing gum

·   Not following dress code

·   Stealing

·   Fighting


·   Excessive talking unrelated to instruction

·   Classroom disturbance

·   Eating in class

·   Horseplay/pushing/throwing/running/yelling


·   Using i-pods, phones, radio beepers, video games, etc.  

     anytime during school hours

·   Cheating

·   Inappropriate use of technology and telecommunications

·   Use, possession or sale of alcohol, tobacco or a controlled


·   Possession of a knife, gun, explosive or other dangerous


·   Destruction of school property

·   Theft

·   Failure to follow school determined of lawful directions of 

    staff member


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