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Mohan JSA Chapter wins 2017-2018 JSA Chapter of the Year and More!!!!

  Chantal Richmond (2017-18 JSA Teacher of the Year)
"I am so humbled to advise such an amazing group of kids who exemplify the "social justice warrior" in everything they do. The thing I love most about JSA is its power to take our kids from the roughest neighborhoods in LA out of their bubbles. The students who participate in this program get to see what they are up against in the real world and make friends through the competition. They meet, connect, and befriend Ivy-league students and alumni. They are empowered to converse confidently with their elected representatives and challenge the status quo in a real way.      
In addition to the accolades listed above, congrats to:
Yeslie Barrios for Vice Mayor for the Angeles Region, winning her debate and a best speaker gavel.
Katherine Matsukawa for winning a best speaker gavel and all her work dedicated to applying and earning chapter of the year.   
Wendy Figueroa for running for Governor of Socal JSA 
Valerie Lopez for creating the signage for Wendy's campaign and creating the presentation, and presenting the video for chapter of the year. 
Jose Miranda for leading his chapter to win chapter of the year. 
Angel Solis and Joshua Alexander for winning best speaker gavels in the Rap battle 
Ranfferi Molina for winning a best speaker gavel in his debate on immigration. 
Maryjane Ruano for being a main speaker for the first time (awesome speech), HIV filters on dating apps 
David Cayetano for being a main speaking for the first time, HIV filters on dating apps 
Sandra Rodriguez for main speaking for the first time (in a Spanish Debate)
Andrea Lopez for main speaking for the first time, (cognitive deficit abortion debate) 
Esmeralda Rodas for giving a passionate subsequent speech 
and so many more students who gave subsequents, supported each other, and brought their best selves throughout the convention."